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Commander Shepard Blvd Extension

January 19th 2014

Drive safe and obey the speed limit! Tickets are being awarded by both patrol and unmarked cars. Please don't litter on the new road. A community meeting was held last week at Ebenezer Baptist Church to discuss concerns about the new road. More to follow...

January 15th

Grand Opening of new road!

Commander Shepard and Middle Road Transportation Concerns

November 13, 2013

1. School bus stops: Schools will be making the necessary changes to the bus routes effected by the upcoming opening of Commander Shepard Blvd. The Routing/Edulog Department identified one route that was effected for Bethel High School. Letters are going out to those students notifying them of the changes that are being put into place the week after Election Day. The Hampton City Schools Transportation can further address any specific concerns regarding school bus stops.

2. Sight distance restrictions on the approaches of Middle Road @ Commander Shepard Boulevard: a plan modification has been made for the location of the permanent stop lines on both approaches. They will be moved closer to Commander Shepard Boulevard, eliminating any obstructions from the sound walls. Also, the number of lanes on the approaches have also been modified. The northbound approach will have one lane (left/thru/right) and the southbound approach will have two lanes (left thru and right).

3. Roadway lighting: streetlighting will be installed along the entire length of Commander Shepard Boulevard upon completion of the project. This will include the intersection of Commander Shepard Boulevard and Middle Road.

4. Traffic signal at intersection: a traffic signal was not included in the construction phase. Traffic signals must meet established federal warrants. We are currently working with our design consultant on re-evaluating the current warrant requirements for a traffic signal at this time.

5. Speed Limit on Commander Shepard Boulevard: the posted speed limit will be 45 mph east of Middle Road and 35 mph beginning just east of Middle Road to Big Bethel Road (35 mph will be the established speed limit at the intersection).


April 6th 2012

Construction is well underway and woods have been cleared.


July 9th 2011 - First sign of digging to relocate utilities deeper underground.

Surveying started to relocate utilities. Advertising for bids for actual project August 2011. Bulldozing the woods started winter and in to Spring of 2012!

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Brochure from Public Meeting 29 Oct 2008 for Phase II

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Very high resolution map/drawings of project sections Phase I and II

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